Our Menu


Drawn butter served with Crab Claws, additional order $0.50 each

Smoked Tuna Dip - $10
Smoked Tuna Dip with Tortilla Chips

Sandbar Crab Cake - $8

Nachos - $7
Add pulled pork or grilled chicken for $4.

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp - $12

Cheese Sticks - $7

Wrapped Shrimp - $10
Large shrimp stuffed with scallions, garlic, cilantro and other flavors, wrapped in pastry then deep-fried. Served with your choice of 2 sauces on a bed of shredded cabbage.

Steamed Mussels - $10
A pound of mussels steamed tossed in butter, tomatoes, onions and Italian herbs, served with toasted bread.

Fried Calamari - $9

Soup of the Day - $5

Seafood Gumbo (spicy) - $6

Fried Cocktail Crab Claws - $15

Ahi Tuna Appetizer - $7
Ahi Tuna seared rare, sliced, dressed with a key lime wasabi sauce (available in retail area) and sesame seeds, served with soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger.

Steamed Clams - $9
A pound of littleneck clams steamed, tossed in butter garlic and scallions, served with toasted bread.

Sandbar Hot Chips (spicy) - $6
House made potato chips tossed in Buffalo Sauce and topped with Bleu Cheese then baked.

Lobster Claws
2 Claws - $9 4 Claws - $16
Steamed and tossed in garlic butter.



For chicken wings and fried shrimp you may choose plain, Buffalo, Teriyaki, Sweet Chile, Chipotle, BBQ or Hot Chile-Garlic. For steamed shrimp, choose house or Cajun seasoning. Drawn butter served with Royal Red Shrimp and Snow Crab legs, additional orders $0.50.

One Pound of Regular Shrimp
Steamed - $14
Fried - $16 

One Pound of Large Shrimp
Steamed - $16
Fried - $18 

One Pound of Royal Shrimp
Steamed - $18
Fried - $20 

Chicken Wings
10 Pieces - $11
Smoked then deep-fried until crispy.

Fish Tacos
Snapper - $14
Grouper - $15
Tuna - $16

Two-pound platter of Market Price Crawfish (spicy)
Available seasonally, cooked authentic Cajun spicy. 

Commander Dave's Shrimp (spicy) - 1 pound - $20
Large shrimp baked in butter and spices and served with bread. Add a half salad for $3, Greek $4. 

Commander Dave's Shrimp (spicy) - ½ pound - $12
Add a half salad for $3, Greek $4

One pound of Seared Large Sea Scallops - $29
With a butter and Worcestershire coating.

One Pound of Steamed Snow Crab Legs - $19

Low Country Side - $4
A side order of seasoned corn, sausage, and potato. A perfect addition to steamed seafood. 

Poke - $20
Raw pacific Ahi Tuna in a Polynesian Style with house made tortilla chips.



House Salad
Full - $8
Half - $4.50

Fried Seafood Caesar Salad - $18
A combination of fried shrimp, clam strips, and oysters on a platter of Caesar salad. 

Caesar Salad
Full - $9
Half - $5 

Greek Salad
Full - $10
Half - $6 

Add pulled pork or smoked chicken to your salad - $5.
Add Shrimp, Grouper or Snapper to your salad - $6.
Add Ahi Tuna to your salad - $10. 

Hush Puppies - $1.50
Roasted Potatoes - $1.50
Basket Fries - $2
Sweet Potato Wedges - $3
Garlic Bread - $2
Cheese Grits - $1
Beans - $1
Cole Slaw - $1
Low Country - $4



Additional Baked Oyster Toppings
Bacon, Jalapeno, Garlic or Butter - $0.50 each.
Add Lump Crabmeat - $4.

Dozen Raw or Steamed Oysters - Market Price 

Cajun Baked Oysters (spicy) - $13
Cajun seasoning, bell pepper, celery and three cheese 

Mexican Baked Oysters (spicy) - $13
Southwestern seasoning, green Chile and Monterey jack cheese. 

Cheese Baked Oysters - $12
Parmesan or Three Cheese.

Horseradish Parmesan Baked Oysters - $13 

Spinach & Smoked Cheese Baked Oysters - $14
Our version of Oysters Rockefeller. 

Sandbar Sampler Baked Oysters - $15
A mixture of some baked favorites.



With hushpuppies, fries, and choice of slaw, cheese grits or BBQ beans. Any substitutions require an up charge.

Fried Shrimp Basket - $14

Fried Oyster Basket - $16

Fried Grouper Basket - $16 

Fried Chicken Strip Basket - $11
(No Hushpuppies)

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp - $12

Fried Clam Strip Basket - $11

Fried Scallop Basket - $18

Fried Snapper Basket - $14 

Captain Buddy's Platter - $25
A combination of fried Shrimp, Oysters, Snapper, and Clam Strips.



Pulled pork topped with BBQ sauce, ribs lightly sauced. Choice of 2 sides (sandwiches come with 1 side only,) fries, BBQ beans, slaw, chips or cheese grits.

Pulled Pork Sandwich - $7
(1 side only) 

Pulled Pork Plate - $10

Pulled Pork To Go - $11

St. Louis Style Ribs Full Slab - $20

St. Louis Style Ribs 1/2 Slab - $12



With Chef's vegetable and choice of rice, roasted potatoes, fries, garlic/ranch mashed potatoes, or BBQ beans. Sub sweet potato fries $0.50. Add house or Caesar salad $3, Greek $4. Drawn Butter $0.50.

Filet of Snapper - $16
Your choice of fried, grilled, or blackened. 

Filet of Grouper - $18
Your choice of fried, grilled, or blackened. 

Ribeye Steak - $20
A 14 oz. cut of Ribeye steak cooked to your liking. 

Marinated Ribeye Steak (spicy) - $25
A 14 oz. Ribeye steak marinated in Bloody Mary Mix with a blend of other seasonings and spices char-grilled and basted to your liking. 

Seared Ahi Tuna - $19
Pacific Ahi Tuna, seared to your temperature, drizzled with a key lime wasabi sauce (available in retail area) and garnished with sesame seeds. Served with wasabi and pickled ginger. 

Steamed Shrimp - $14
Fried shrimp instead of steamed - $2.

Grilled Chicken Alfredo - $15
Linguini with grilled chicken breast in a creamy Alfredo, served with garlic bread.
(No vegetable or starch choice)

Grilled Chicken - $10
Two 5 oz. breast filets grilled to perfection 

New Orleans Style Scallops - $24
Large Sea Scallops seared and coated in butter, Worcestershire sauce. 

Sandbar Crabcakes - $18
Two house made crabcakes on a remolaude and mango salsa dressed plate. 

Shrimp and Scallops - $18
A pairing of our steamed shrimp and New Orleans style scallops. Fried Shrimp instead of steamed add $2. 

Grecian Grouper - $25
A filet of Grouper seasoned with Greek seasonings, grilled then topped with drawn butter, sautéed baby spinach, grape tomatoes, kalamata olives and feta, garnished with more feta. 

Seafood Linguini Alfredo - $18
Linguini with mussels, shrimp and bay scallops in a creamy Alfredo, served with garlic bread. (No vegetable or starch choice.) 

Prime Rib Au Jus
Lord's Cut - $23
Lady's Cut - $19
Slow roasted rare, finished to other temperatures on a char-grill. Available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings ONLY, while supply lasts.



With choice of chips, fries, BBQ beans or slaw. Substitute sweet potato fries or other side for $0.50.

Emerald Coast Fish Sandwich
Snapper - $13
Grouper - $15
Fried, grilled or blackened with lettuce and tomato on a remoulade dressed, toasted ciabatta bun. 

Po-Boy Sandwich
Shrimp - $12
Oyster - $13
Your choice of fried shrimp or oysters with lettuce, tomato and red onion on a remoulade dressed hoagie roll. 

BBQ Sandwich - $7
Pulled pork sandwich with BBQ sauce. 

Philly Cheese Steak - $10
Shaved Angus choice sirloin steak grilled with onions and peppers served on a hoagie roll with white American cheese. Add grilled Mushrooms $0.99. 

Classic B.L.T. - $7
Crisp bacon, lettuce and tomato on your choice of mayonnaise dressed, toasted wheatberry or white bread.

Crabcake Sandwich - $12
A house made crabcake on a toasted remolaude dressed ciabatta bun with lettuce and tomato. 

Beach Burger - $10
A char-grilled half pound Angus beef burger with lettuce, tomato, red onions, and your choice of cheese on a toasted ciabatta bun. Add bacon for $1. Add grilled mushrooms or onions for $0.50. 

Black and Bleu Burger (spicy) - $12
Beach burger seasoned with Cajun blackening seasoning topped with Bleu Cheese.

Green Chile Burger - $11
Beach burger with Green Chiles. 

Prime Rib Sandwich - $12
One-third pound of thin sliced house cooked prime rib with American cheese, lettuce and tomato on toasted roasted red pepper mayonnaise dressed ciabatta bun.

Chicken Caesar Wrap - $9
Fried or grilled chicken breast with romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing and Parmesan cheese wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. 

Grilled Chicken Sandwich - $9
A 5 oz. filet of chicken breast grilled then placed on a toasted ciabatta bun with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and onion.


DESSERTS - $5.99

Check with your server for availability.


KIDS MENU (under 12 years only)- $7

Choice of Hot Dog, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Chicken Strips, Fried Shrimp, or Fish Nuggets. Served with French Fries and all you can drink fountain drink or iced tea.



Oyster Shooter (spicy) - $2
A raw oyster with bloody beer, hot sauce and a cracker chaser. 

Bottled Beer - $3.25

Premium Bottled Beer - $4.25

Draft Beer
Pint - $3
16 oz. of regular draft beer

Wine by the Glass - $4

White Zinfandel, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Moscato, Merlot, Cabernet Sav, Riesling and others.
House $4
Premium $8

Draft Beer Pitcher
Regular - $9
Premium - $14 

Premium Draft Beer
Pint - $4
16 oz. of premium draft beer 

Soft Drinks - $2.50
Fountain Pepsi products, sweet or unsweeted iced tea, or coffee. Comes with free refills. 

Specialty Drinks - $8
Bloody Mary, Margaritas (Frozen also), Strawberry, Pina Colada, or Mango Frozen Daiquiris, Sandbar Cooler, Reef Runner or Tequila Sunset.


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